Karol, Mayumi, Anne, Marz, Tonet, me, Jewelle and Steph...
In School.

Fanny, me, Steph, Myca, Jewelle, Mayumi, Jay Ar, Dianne, Smile, Anne, Kat and Marz.

The entire batch... all in white! *_,*;;

on the way to CCP.

anne and i, with steph and jewelle behind us.

steph, jewelle, me and anne.

the trio... with marz sneaking in the pic behind us. XP

mayumi, marz, myca, tonet, me, anne and dianne.

the three of us again... XP

back on the bus, on the way to ABS.

lunch at Cibo.

still in Cibo...

the trio again... =P hehe

with marz, tonet, myca and anne.

...back in school with smile, mayumi, dianne and anne.

:: back ::