grandpa. isn't chloe adorable? ^_,~;;
the walkway near grandpa's area. that's our tent in the background. ;)
carmen, ate patti and me. ^^;; during the mass.
i went gaga over this caramel cake!!! hahaha! XP yum yum cream puffs.
tito Bim's famous and yummilicious paella!!! =P~ grandma (in blue) and her cousins.
carmen, my sister and my brother... stuffing themselves. =P the weather was perfect! ;)
little kikay, reading... :D me, carmen and carla.
the little ones were tackling kuya Piwi down... haha! candid shot! XD
we were trying to get Kikay to smile for the camera. giving her a dollar did the trick! ~_,~;; hehehe!
Carmen, Carla, ate Patti and me. yeh, we love posing for pics! XP hehehe!
Carla, KB and me. ^___^;;
Kikay and me. ^^;; ..with Carmen, this time. =)

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