THE MOVIES: The cinema has always played an integral part in the lifestyle of modern man. Films dictate trends - fashion, food, music and even lifestyle. Interior design and its role in films is a moving force in creating and conceptualizing visions of these so called trends that mimic albeit provide a stage and an avenue for dictating the designs of a particular era. Films create images of fantasy and reality fused in a very dynamic medium where interior design can weave its magic and exercise its potential for design. This premise is what POPCORN: PSID GOES TO THE MOVIES is all about.

Films as media takes the movie-going public through time, films transcends cultural boundaries, films set the stage for history to repeat itself and films makes the world fall in love all over again. These are just some of the themes that the Advanced Class 2004 of the Philippines School of Interior Design will showcase and exhibit as part of their requirement for graduation.

This year's exhibit takes its audience to different categories: from acclaimed OSCAR winners to box office hits, from fantasy films and musicals to Disney. The audience is taken through history and the different periods of time using interior design as a medium. Generally, the exhibit promises to celebrate the fusion of pop culture with design and as a results living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, bars, dining areas, kitchens and other areas are transformed in space right out of the silver screen. These interiors although specially designed by the PSID Advance Class of 2004 will boast of spaces that are trendy and imaginative yet practical and functional.

This exhibit, carefully planned, extensively researched and properly executed will mark a milestone in interior design, as people know it. It will create a ripple that will ultimately become a wave in the academic community and the interior design industry - something that PSID exhibits have always been known for and something that the Philippine School of Interior Design will continue to do for years to come.


This bar serves as a backdrop for the film. Musical notes reminiscent of the songs and dances of "Chicago" become the focal point at which the bar counter revolves around in. The nostalgia of the Art Deco period is being given credence as geometric shapes and angles surround the room. The vibrancy of red reminds the audience of the energy and velocity of the fiery dances and production numbers of the film. The room is a cozy reminder of a bustling night on the town with the Chicago skyline as the backdrop. Very classy and elegant, the interiors speak of a time when men were gentlemen and women were not necessarily ladies . . . . . inspiring the designs that were inspired by such a remarkable film. . . . . . Chicago!

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